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It’s not your fault exercise isn’t "working for you.”

It has nothing to do with your motivation level, doing the “wrong program” or your ability to be disciplined.

It has everything to do with how you think about exercise success.

If you define a successful exercise program as reaching a number on the scale or attaining a body fat percentage, you’re setting yourself up for a host of frustrations like an obsession with food and using exercise as a way to punish yourself for your food choices (which never helps in the long run).


Not only do over 90% of diets fail to provide long-term weight loss, exercise isn't any better.

So when you reach that “plateau” and lose motivation, or you can’t keep up the unrealistic and exhausting workout schedule that has sustained your “goal weight” because it’s a life-sucking and painful exercise regimen that’s basically killing you, you’re going to quit exercise because it’s not “working.”

But here’s the secret!...

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Exercise “works” even if you’re weight and/or body shape doesn’t change! That’s right! Exercising on a regular basis is one of the single healthiest things you can do for your physical and mental well-being, and more importantly, you can still reap all the amazing health benefits from exercise even if your weight doesn’t change! 

So how can we get away from equating exercise success to body shaping, toning, weight loss, etc so you keep exercising consistently (stop yo-yo exercising and dieting), improve your overall well being and stop obsessing over weight and food?

Answer: This can be really difficult if you try this in traditional fitness environments because the fitness industry knows triggering your insecurities is easy money.

The problem is that if you go to any big corporate gym or fitness studio (even some yoga studios) health is synonymous with weight loss and a thinner body type. The ultimate definition of exercise success becomes weight loss above all else. People will do what ever it takes to meet this health and beauty standard that’s been set by our culture but is not supported by science.

Well, it’s time to get off this crazy train.    

This year, instead of resolving to exercise more in order to shrink your body, how about resolving to move your body in order to cultivate and nurture acceptance for your body as it already is, let go of the elusive “goal weight” and live a fuller, happier and sustainably healthy life?

Here’s the truth:

Only you can determine what exercise type and amount is beneficial and truly fuels your body and mind.

Only you can determine how exercise will sustain your body and spirit’s wellness.

Only you can determine when you might want to try something more, something less or something different.

Only you can determine what is a fun and enjoyable way to move your body.

I can’t tell you this. A fitness tracker can’t tell you this. Not even your doctor can tell you this.

Where Do You Start?

How do you move away from the body-centric fitness that focuses on “fixing problem areas” and move toward developing an exercise regimen built around intrinsic motivation centered in respect, trust, compassion and kindness toward the body you have right now?

You Jump Start with Body Positive Exercise!

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My name is Robyn Baker and I’m the creator of Intuitive Exercise, an online coaching program and owner of Asteya Fitness, a body positive fitness studio in Southern California.

I struggled with exercise addiction for over 6 years and had to be hospitalized twice for my eating disorder and addiction. After I left treatment for the second time, I completely abstained from any type of exercise for a long time because I thought it would help me feel better in my body and keep me out of relapse… and it did at first, but then I started to hurt. My neck went out along with my lower back and I was huffing and puffing upstairs to the point where I would get light headed.  And although I had protected myself from being triggered from exercise, I still struggled greatly with my body image. I didn't feel good in my body and was disconnected from it on a physical and emotional level.

Deep down I knew there had to be a balance.  I didn’t know how balance would feel, but I knew for sure that what I was doing at that point in my recovery was not balance because I still felt like crap and didn’t trust my body.

it was time to redefine fitness and a successful exercise regimen. It was time to find a way to move my body that didn’t involve numbers, comparisons or strict rules. This is where my body positive and intuitive exercise approach was born. This is how I work with all of my clientele. And this is what I want to share with you. Because life’s too short to live in a body you wish you could change.  

This Program Is For You If...

You want to feel good moving your body...

but don’t believe it’s even possible with your 'body type' or you absolutely despise exercise.

You’ve had bad experiences with exercise...

in the past and want to make it part of your life without feeling guilty or bad when you choose to take it easy.

You’ve used exercise as a way to earn your right to eat or punish yourself...

for the way you look. You're done with this but have no idea how to approach exercise now.

You don’t want to do the whole “diet and exercise” thing again...

because it’s miserable and exhausting. You’re ready to dedicate your time to prioritize your well-being in a way that's positive.

You have a health condition where exercise has been prescribed...

but have had a negative experience with fitness professionals.

You’ve tried exercise in the past but got easily discouraged...

because everything was too hard or made you feel bad about the way you looked.

You are you sick and tired of feeling self conscious in the gym...

and hate the judgmental stares you get but don’t know how else you can find a place to exercise

You want to learn the proper and safe forms...

for basic stretching, resistance training and yoga without feeling bad about your body.

What Is The 7-Day Jump Start To Body Positive Exercise?

This is a 7-day, self-paced online dive into movement that is joyful, practical, empowering and simple.

You don’t need to own any special equipment.

You don’t need to have any past exercise experience.

And most importantly, you don’t need to have any fear that this program will suddenly turn "fitspo" on you and make you feel bad about your body.

This weeklong experience is less about the exercises themselves and more about your mindset and approach to exercise (although exercises are included in the program)

Daily Videos

Each day you’ll receive a new video with exercises and/or an exercise topic of discussion and exploration.

Interactive Worksheets

You’ll get printable writing prompts to help redefine your relationship with exercise and your body. You’ll have the option to work toward simple and empowering goals that will help you embody this new approach toward movement.

Supportive Community

Be part of the private Facebook group to get support from other body positive exercisers as well as live videos from yours truly to help keep you motivated and avoid the traditional body shaming fitness crap!

Daily Video Training Topics

Here’s the rundown of each day’s topic:
Day One: Stretch your Body and Your Beliefs
Day Two: Cardio: Feel Your Heart Beat and Experience Your Life Force
Day Three: Feel Strong and Empowered
Day Four: Find Balance and Letting Go of Perfection
Day Five: Core: Feel Centered and Authentic
Day Six: Unstructured and Joyful
Day Seven: Restore and Forgive

  • “As someone who has recovered from an eating disorder, I know how triggering it can be to "re-enter" the world of fitness. Robyn is knowledgeable in her instruction and meets your body where it is and utilizes your strengths to help you attain your goals. She is enthusiastic in helping you find what feels good in your body, an almost revolutionary idea for those who are simply used to feeling miserable in their own skin!”

  • “My lack of consistency always made me feel like a total failure. I had a terrible body image. I just couldn't stick with any particular schedule or plan. Through your gentle approach to exercise, your anti-shaming attitude, and your constant affirmation that we are already enough as we are, I became much more consistent. Of course it takes work to see results, but you've made exercise enjoyable. I'm now more flexible, have more stamina, and feel much healthier.”

  • “It was so nice having Robyn teach me how be more in tune with my body rather than work against it. Her philosophy of Health looking different on everyBODY really resonated with me and it made me feel that I'm working towards health and not only trying to change my body to look a certain way.”

  • “Robyn has a body positive approach to exercise that is uplifting, challenging and encouraging. I am in recovery from an eating disorder and have struggled to find a safe exercise outlet that supported my recovery. She gave wonderful tips for incorporating exercise back into my life in a healthy way. ”

Have you ever thought that may be it isn’t your body that needs to change, it’s how you live in it and connect to it?

Have you ever thought that accepting your body would be so much easier if you just didn’t hurt all the time or weren't struggling with a bad back, neck, shoulders, etc? 

At the heart of body positive exercise is a sense of ease to exist inside the body you already have – both physically and mentally.

This program is not just physical exercises for your body, it’s also a way to fully connect to your body and completely be in your body rather than just living from the neck up.

Honoring your body requires that we listen to it, and listening to our body requires that we are present in our body; identifying how it feels both physically and emotionally. Body positive exercise is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

This self-paced program if the first of it’s kind! There’s truly nothing else like this out there! So click below and get started today.